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Tags at Home Plate  & Runner Touching Home Plate

I have been asked by a player about whether a runner may be tagged between the commitment line and home plate.
The answer is yes, I have been in touch with SPO to find where this is printed in the rules but it is not specifically described in that way.
Here is the response from SPO:
Yes you can tag between the lines, it is not stated in the handbook. It is the same as tagging between the bases that is not stated in the handbook either. Tagging is allowed anywhere.

This also brings up a question not asked but can happen as a result of the ability of a defensive player at home plate attempting to catch a thrown ball that is off line to make an attempt to tag the runner coming home.
As a general rule if you touch home you are out. The purpose of this rule is to protect all players from injury caused by collision. There is however an instance where a runner is allowed to touch home plate - if it is to avoid a collision. This should not be confused with an attempt to avoid a tag. The line the runner describes when running home is the line he must maintain.
If a play is close and a collision is imminent the runner may change their line and touch home only in an attempt to prevent a collision.

The order of precedence for the rules we use are:
 - Special league rules that supersede those of SPO.
 - If not modified by our bylaws the SPO Handbook should be used.

The SPO handbook can be found at:
(It says 2012 but its valid)

Many rules are not specifically listed in the SPO hand book but can be found in the Softball  Canada rule book.

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Bloomingdale Park
1031 Snyders Flats Rd,
Bloomingdale, ON N0B 1K0

Bridgeport Rod and Gun Club
1229 Beitz Road, Breslau, ON N2G 4B6
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League News and Announcements

Playoff Round Robin

One more week of games, then Championship Saturday!    It looks like the No Stars, Cock'd N Loaded, Royals and Booze Buddies will be vying for the "A" Championship.  And it appears that the Bandits, Gators, Yard Dawgs and Wild Wing will compete in "B", while the Panthers, Woodpeckers, Beer Nuts and Tigers will play off for the "C" trophy.

A reminder of our playoff structure for the final day:  All teams will play 2 games on Saturday, and all games are at Hallman Ball Yard.  Games will start at  8:30am on Saturday with Semi-finals; second set of semi-finals are at 10:15am.  Consolation games (losers of the semi-final games) will be at noon.  Finals for each division will be at 2pm.  In order to be finished at 4pm Saturday afternoon, there will be 1 hr 45 minute duration for the 2 sets of semi-finals on Saturday AM.  Consolation and Final games will have a full 2 hours.

Also, a final reminder, please check if you are able to donate anything to the prize table.  Our prize draw is one of the ways we keep registration fees low in our league.  Prize draws, trophy presentations, and refreshments at Edelweiss Tavern starting at 4pm after the final games.

Good luck to all!


Congratulations to the Royals as Regular Season Champions!

And playoff round robin starts - NOW - games begin July 20


Playoffs Start Next Week - July 20

Its seems like it was just last week that the season started, and we were all getting rained out!  Well, the "regular season" portion of the schedule is almost over, and we're getting rained out a little less often (although there is a rumour that the Tigers will play through any weather!).

After Tuesday's games are finished and reported, Linda will issue the final regular season standings.  Then, the scheduling and website staff (me!) will get the names filled into the Playoff Round Robin schedule and post it here, as well as send it out to the team captains via email.

Playoffs will feature a triple round robin (15 games) for the North (top 6 teams) and South (bottom 6) divisions.  After the RR is completed, our final tournament day on September 16 will feature 3 groups of 4, each battling for their own group championship.  Note:  First playoff round robin games are on Thursday July 20 for the 5th and 6th seeds in both divisions.


Rules update (6/9/17)

Please review the Rules page for updates / clarifications on these items.  The exec has discussed each of these items, and the resulting revisions are now official. Here is a summary, but the full rule description for each is here.

  • late game starting time: adjust to let early game finish.

  • rain out games in progress: what is official game and how is the final score determined.

  • catch up rule: edited to say 6 or more runs behind.

  • flip-flop rule: adjusted to allow for flip-flop regardless of which team is ahead / behind.

As always, if you need clarification or have a suggestion, let someone on the exec know, or email us here.


Clarification on cancelations - your contact for whether games are on or not is your team captain.  If the league is notified of any diamond closings, captains will be emailed, and they will then contact their teams.  If you don't hear anything, game is on!  Decisions may also be made at the park by the teams.



The Kitchener-Waterloo Masters Slo Pitch League is recreational and open to men 40 and over.  Our games are played at Bridgeport Rod and Gun Club and Bloomingdale Park,  at 6:30 or 8:15  Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Our season runs from early May to mid September and consists of over 35 games including playoffs.  We use Slo Pitch Ontario rules with a few exceptions.  Cost is only $135 per fulltime player for the 2017 season.

This is a great way to spend an evening or two a week in the park, rekindling your youthful exuberance, and making new friends. Many of our members review the highlights of their game over refreshments and munchies afterwards.

Contact us at